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Kaupallinen yhteistyö: Narwal

- Julkaistu 03.05.2024 - 11:56

Narwal was founded in 2016 by its CEO Junbin Zhang. Its a brand based in the field of home robotics and is dedicated to developing revolutionary technological products. It has rapidly become a leader in robotic home cleaners since its founding in 2016, reaching $175M in sales in less than 2 years after its first product launch and now a top 5 brand globally serving 2,000,000+ families.


Narwal was one of the first technology companies that bring the product category – robot vacuums to a completely new level: In 2019, Narwal launched NARWAL J1 (T10), the world’s first all-in-one robot vacuum and mop that automatically cleans its mops, redefining consumers’ perception of “robot mops”.

Since then, Narwal lays down a leadership position in robotic home cleaners and keep bringing more popular products to the market. In 2021, Narwal launched the robot vacuum and mop NARWAL J2, which the customers “even do not need to change the water”. Narwal innovatively designed the automatic water exchange function as an accessory, making it directly interchangeable with ordinary water tanks. It truly realizes the user experience of mopping the floor fully automatically all day.


In 2022, Narwal launched the third generation of the all-in-one robot – J3 (Narwal Freo) with the worlds first “DirtSense” Technology, which can identify the degree of dirt on the floor and mop, and accordingly implement the best cleaning strategy; It also equipped with the patented “Freo Mode”, which is a key to solving the daily cleaning scene requirements. It not only allows users to realize the “Hands-Free”, but also further to do “Mind-Free”.

Narwal´s revolutionary design frees the user from washing mops, enhancing cleaning efficiency.

The idea behind the name “Narwal”

Narwhals are a very unique and intelligent species. This is very much in accordance with our company‘s founding philosophy — freedom, pursuit, uniqueness, and intelligence. Freedom and pursuit is a lifestyle that our company has always promoted. And the intelligence and uniqueness of the product is our greatest strength.

On the other hand, it reminds people of water and a clean environment, which is highly related to our product.Narwal has consistently achieved pioneering milestones, proudly holding several “worlds first” titles. Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology has led to game-changing advancements in the robotic cleaning industry.

Let´s dive into some of these groundbreaking achievements:

Self-Cleaning Base Station:

Our innovative world´s first self-cleaning base station redefines convenience and cleanliness, making maintenance hassle-free.

Water Exchange System:

Narwal´s revolutionary design frees the user from washing mops, enhancing cleaning efficiency.

AI DirtSense Technology:

Automatically re-mop the area and automatically wash the mop until the floor meets the desired level of cleanliness.

Zero Tangle Roller Brush:

Say good-bye to the frustrations of tangled brushes. Our world's first zero-tangle roller brush ensures smooth and uninterrupted cleaning, backed by authoritative certifications, such as SGS.


Available now:

Narwal´s unwavering dedication to innovation has been made possible through our exceptional R&D team, whose commitment and expertise drive our many ´world´s first´ achievements Our company, as we look ahead, is focusing on several key areas of development: platform modularity, simulation, large-scale modeling, and machine learning image training. In the market, you may have come across products with mops that are disappointingly thin, with poor water retention, harsh texture, that risk damaging your floors, and an inability to clean those hard-to-reach crevices.

That´s where our uniquely designed mop comes into play. Through special materials and a multi-layered design, our mop excels in water retention, dirt absorption, and antibacterial. In fact, the effective surface area for capturing dirt on our Freo X Ultra mop is a remarkable 2.26 times that of other products on the market, and the thickness of our water retention layer is 1.58 times greater. Most mops in the market are circular, which results in a fixed cleaning path. Over time, as these round mops shrink, they can create a blind spot in the middle of the robot´s cleaning path.

To address these issues, we have introduced a groundbreaking innovation in the industry – the Rouleaux Triangle Mop. This unique shape leverages the alternating lengths of its sides during rotation, adding an extra 10 millimeters of overlap compared to traditional circular mops. This eliminates the problem of missed spots during the cleaning process. In our journey to engage and connect with our users, we employ a three-pronged strategy that includes User Engagement, Data Analysis, and Long-term Partnerships. Each element is crucial in ensuring effective communication and trust-building with our audience.

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