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Burmester 100 är både digitalomvandlare och RIAA-steg

100 Phono Pre heter den. Inuti den skinande blanka lådan finns en pickupförstärkare för både MM- och MC-pickuper.

Julkaistu 18.05.2010 - 08:54

Intressant nog har den även en D/A-omvandlare, vilket utökar användningsområdet betydligt. Då kan man nämligen digitalisera ljudsignalen från grammofonen och få ut en högupplöst 24 bit/192 kHz-signal som man kan lagra och spela av från en hårddisk eller CD-skiva.

Om man inte behöver ett RIAA-steg, men kan tänka sig en förförstärkare med inbyggd digitalomvandlare så har Burmester en modell som heter 099 Preamp. Det är en förförstärkare med sex digitalingångar, inklusive USB så att man kan koppla in datorn och utnyttja en signalbehandling med 24-bitars upplösning. Förförstärkaren har analoga ingångar också, och både analoga och digitala utgångar som överför musiksignalerna vidare.

Information från Burmesters pressmeddelande


Burmester 100:

·  Up to two balanced phono inputs (XLR 3pol female), MC or MM version available (specify by
·  Automatic recognition of the modules (MC or MM) and visualization at the front panel.
·  Independent settings for each module which are selectable and automatically saved
(impedance, gain, subsonic, output 0dB / +6dB, auto adjust on/off, etc…)
·  Input impedance for MC module selectable (33, 47, 91, 120, 390 and 47k) thus
optimal impedance adjustment possible.
·  Input capacitance for MM module selectable (68pF, 120pF, 180pF, 220pF, 300pF and 400pF)
thus optimal capacitance adjustment possible.
·  The input impedances are switched by means of high performance audio relays, thus the
shortest possible audio path is achieved.
·  The input gain can be selected which assures the best possible volume adjustment of each
and every Phono cartridge:
o MM: 37dB, 40dB, 43dB, 46dB, 49dB, 52dB,
o MC: 57dB, 60dB, 63dB, 66dB, 69dB, 72dB.
·  Selectable subsonic filter to reduce large woofer movement due to wavy vinyl records.
·  Automatic level adjustment of left and right channel (AUTO ADJUST) to compensate Phono
cartridge tolerances up to 6dB.
·  Optional selection between fixed and variable volume output
·  One balanced analogue stereo output, XLR 3pol male.
·  One unbalanced analogue stereo output, RCA.
·  DC coupled signal path assures the best sound reproduction down to the lowest frequencies
without any phase shift in the audible frequency range.
·  X-AMP2 output modules with high driving capability feeds even low impedance inputs ideally.
·  Output voltage can be boosted by 6dB for devices with a low input sensitivity.
·  Output phase may be turned by 180° using a sliding switch on the back panel.
·  Optional A/D converter-module with USB and S/P-DIF.
·  Two digital outputs, S/P-DIF (RCA) and optical (TOSLINK).
·  Sampling frequency of the ADC is selectable between 48kHz/24bit, 96kHz/24bit or
·  Load display of the ADC with analogue audio level meter with dimmable illumination.
·  The meter can either display the left channel only, or the right channel only, or the mono sum
of both channels.
·  Illumination of the meter selectable
·  In addition to the analogue level meter a fast responding overflow LED for short peak overflow
indication is provided.
·  The internal power supply features very low standby power consumption (<1W)
·  remote power up of other devices possible by means of the DC IN/OUT connection.
·  Optional BURLINK module for external control via RS232 or USB.
·  Carbon fibre feet reduce micro phonic effects.
·  Burmester remote control included.


Burmester 099:

balanced analogue inputs (XLR 3pol. female, combo jack), can be used as
unbalanced inputs via adapter for 6.3 mm jack to RCA
·  6 digital inputs (2x RCA, 3x TORX, 1x USB) for the connection of a multitude of
digital sources, like digital satellite receivers, gaming consoles or computers
·  1 balanced analogue output, XLR 3pol. Male, phase reversible
·  1 unbalanced analogue output, cinch, phase reversible
·  4 digital outputs (2x RCA, 2x TORX), mirroring the selected digital input at all outputs
·  1 headphone jack (6,3 mm) + 1 RCA for the connection of headphone preamplifiers
or wireless headphones. The MUTE function can be controlled via remote
·  DC-coupled signal path without capacitors resulting in a precise bass reproduction
due to the nonexistence of phase shift in the audible range
·  Input sensitivity selectable by -8 dB to +8 dB for the compensation of different
volumes of sources
·  Sampling rate for D/A conversion can be selected between 96kHz/24bit and
·  The internal power supply features a very low standby power consumption (<1W) –
Burmester goes GREEN
·  Remote power up of other devices possible by means of the DC IN/OUT connection
·  Can be updated due to modular design
·  User friendly handling
·  Burmester remote control included

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